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       Heart of Darkmire

      "Heart of Darkmire" is the first book in the Gossamer Trilogy. The first printing was published in August, 2006. It is currently available from Amazon.

Synopsis: "Heart of Darkmire"

     After six years of searching for his fabled grandfather, Roth of Dazman is no closer to finding the legendary warrior than the day he began his quest as a free lance, fresh from serving with his homeland's highly respected Silverblade Dragoon. Roth's long quest has so far failed to uncover a single clue that might explain his revered grandfather's mysterious disappearance, or support his belief the man might still be alive.
". . . . their innocent quest threatens to bring to naught an ancient and powerful dark magic from a nearly forgotten age."
      As the book opens, Roth is nearly at the point of abandoning his dream of finding his grandfather, when he stumbles upon an interesting old man who holds a fascinating clue. The old man possesses a great red gem with a story behind it that surely ties it to Roth's grandfather. With renewed hope that he may yet discover what happened to his grandfather, Roth's failing resolve is rekindled, sweeping he and his newfound companion up in a newly promising quest that quickly ignites into a life of its own.
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      Neither of them is aware that their innocent quest threatens to bring to naught an ancient and powerful dark magic from a nearly forgotten age. They are unaware that evil forces already align against them to insure their failure. Roth knows nothing of the ancient secret responsible for the deaths of his parents and the disappearance of his grandfather. Now that very secret threatens him and anyone associated with him because of this quest.
      Through magic, the two adventurers obtain a riddle containing cryptic clues promising to guide them in their quest. Instead, it seems only to pull them into ever more dangerous situations. Dark enemies begin to plague them at every turn, foreshadowing the true scope of danger their quest will bring.
     As the powerful forces gathering against them continue to swell, they finally grasp the enormity of their situation and realize that, at best, their chances are dismal of surviving what lies ahead. Yet they are bound by the faith, trust and friendship born from sharing many heart-stopping adversities which have already tested each of them beyond his limits. Undaunted, they stand together to fight another battle against staggering odds to reach the heart of Darkmire.

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