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Some of you were visiting long before I began publishing the Gossamer Trilogy. The truth is that the Gossamer Trilogy is the "dragon fantasy" that was originally created for. Because it took longer to write the first book of the trilogy than I had expected, I filled the web site with fantasy content and links. That content will remain, even as now turns a new page to host the epic fantasy adventure -

The Gossamer Trilogy

       In the mid 1990's I wrote the first simple beginnings of a story that slowly grew into the grand tale that is now The Gossamer Trilogy.
       This deeply layered epic fantasy adventure takes place in the world setting called the "Lost Age of Y'Ara" . To learn more about the Lost Age of Y'Ara, as well as see and download a large, richly-detailed color map of this world setting, go the the Lost Age of Y'Ara page.

      The first book of the trilogy, titled "Heart of Darkmire", is now in print. Book Two is in the works, and is expected to be ready for release in late 2008. The title for Book Two is set, but as you can see by the links at the left of the page the title is being kept under wraps until closer to the release date. The story for Book Three is set, and of course, will follow sometime after the release of Book Two, probably near the end of 2009.

      If you would like to get an excellent sample from "Heart of Darkmire", the first thirty chapters are available as a FREE download. I'm sure you will enjoy it, even if you are not a seasoned fantasy adventure fan. The character interaction transends the fantasy setting to bring a believable realism to the story, beyond the magic and adventure. If you've never tried reading fantasy adventure, this is a great place to start.

Fred Hurteau

FREE DOWNLOAD - Preview Chapters 1-30 from "Heart of Darkmire"

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FREE DOWNLOAD - Full-color Map of the Lost Age of Y'Ara

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